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You can view our response to the ERYC Local Plan here.


Introducing Peter Hemmerman the new

Minsters Rail Campaign Chair

 Pete Hemmerman

I was born in  Hull in 1949 and the early part of my career was spent at sea. In 1983 I moved to Market Weighton and ran my own business from 1988 to 2012 when I retired.

In the early 1990s I became involved with the Market Weighton Chamber of Trade becoming Chairman  in 1995. This has enabled me to  take an active part in the community and I have been instrumental in  instigating and progressing many projects in Market Weighton such as Giant Bradley Day, The Bradley Statue, Vixen 101 Community Radio and the local producers market.  In 2007 I was elected to serve on Market Weighton Town Council becoming Mayor for 3 years from 2010. I am presently Deputy Mayor and  represent the council on the East Riding Flood Liaison Group and chair the Neighbourhood Plan Group. I led the successful  attempt to obtain funding from the Portas Review and am now treasurer for the Market Weighton Town Team which is regenerating the retail area of the town.
I am honoured to have been asked to chair the Minster Rail Campaign as I am passionate about bringing rail travel back to East Yorkshire and see it as the only viable future for mass transit in the region. I will work hard to bring together all the available expertise in the area to re establish the Beverley to York line as a vital economic boost to business and tourism in the region.

I am married to Catherine and have a daughter Louise.


 And introducing new Treasurer/membership secretary Tony Ross

My professional career following university was in chemical engineering.  I took early retirement from the BP Chemicals site, Saltend, Hull, in 1992, after 27 years of service with the BP Group.


I’ve had a lifelong interest in railway, growing up in Dewsbury (West Yorkshire) until 1951, when I moved with my family as a 14-year-old to Bridlington.  I’m a member of the national rail lobby group Railfuture (see and of a number of historical and other railway societies.  As a young photographer in BR steam days I applied for and obtained a lineside photographic permit. Two of my early 1960s b/w photographs at Market Weighton were included in the following (now out-of-date) BBC Radio Humberside link about the Campaign in 2006:  See:  In a different context, I’ve been Treasurer of Cottingham Civic Society for the past 20 years.


East Riding Local Plan challenged over 'Soundness' Test - press release 24/03/14

Campaigners working to re-open the Beverley to York railway have
expressed concerns over the soundness of the recently published
draft of the East Riding of Yorkshire's Council's Local Plan.   They've now
written to the Planning Department of the ERYC highlighting their concerns
and these concerns in turn will be reviewed by the planning inspectors.
Following its recent decision to remove protected status from the
proposed route of the line closed by Dr Beeching, a challenge has been
raised.   Campaigners believe that the Council's refusal to include the
project in its medium term plans is flawed having failed to consider the
flexibility allowed by the Secretary of State in formulating proposals.
Speaking on Saturday, newly elected Chairman of the Minsters' Rail
Campaign, Councillor Peter Hemmerman from Market Weighton said,
'We believe the Council are fundamentally mistaken in how they've
handled this.  We have expressed our concerns to the Planning Inspector
whom will we hope tell the Council to re-consider.'
Councillor Hemmerman, who is currently Deputy Mayor of Market Weighton,
was elected to the position of Chairman at the campaign's Annual General
Meeting, where long standing Chairman and campaign founder George McManus,
stood down.   Councillor Hemmerman told the meeting, 'It's a great honour to
lead this visionary campaign.   I will do all I can to push the campaign forward
for the long term benefit of the people of East Yorkshire.'
Outgoing Chairman George McManus said, 'I wish Peter and the other officers well. 
I think they will do a great job and I will continue to give them my full support.
The MRC have also elected a new treasurer - Tony Ross -  and a new secretary - David Pennie.
Details of our new officers will appear shortly.








22 November 2013 from Hansard written answers

Railways: Construction

  Lilian Greenwood: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport if he will impose a moratorium on building on disused railway paths. [176085]

  Stephen Hammond: Network Rail's land disposals are regulated and monitored by the independent Office of Rail Regulation through a condition in its network licence. The purpose of the licence condition is to protect land that may be required for the future development of the rail network, and to prevent the disposal of that land against the public interest.

 The Government's National Planning Policy Framework states that local planning authorities should identify and protect, where there is robust evidence, sites and routes which could be critical in developing infrastructure to widen transport choice.


3 November 2013


We at the Minsters Rail Campaign have been out and about on our bikes at the York end of the route. This morning (03/11/13) we had to wait over 5 minutes to get across the A1079 at Dunnington as a seemingly endless procession of cars passed us. The concern we have is that if the East Riding of Yorkshire Council do allow development on the track bed then within years we suspect a rather large road will be built.

Speaking of old rail alignments some new properties are being built on the old Derwent Valley Railway track at Dunnington (not affected by our line). We were however encouraged to see a large photo board commemorating the Derwent Valley Railway featuring a J72 0-6-0T locomotive.

June 14th 2013

This message is from George McManus following the meeting between the Minsters Rail Campaign and ERYC. If you can help further please get in touch.

Dear all

Today I've enjoyed constructive discussions with Planning and Transport officers at East Riding Council on our proposals for re-opening the Beverley to York railway.   I made the key point that their proposals to allow allocations on land adjacent to our preferred route in Pocklington would be a body blow to the campaign.

They accept that they should re-visit the allocations situation in the LDF and that their wording regarding the line is not as supportive as it should be.   The consultation on the LDF is half way through and they will be reporting to elected members again in the Autumn.

I've agreed to make a further submission advocating the case and highlighting the change of heart at central government regarding potential funding streams.   I've indicated that we will support their efforts to raise the issue up the agenda and will do whatever we can to further promote our case.

In the meantime I intend to do further research on the background to the east west rail consortium proposals which have won government backing and identify whatever parallels may exist to help advocate our case.   Given that this line of communication is open I would recommend that we endeavour to continue our efforts and should anybody have any further information I will be happy to feed this through.

Thanks again

George McManus


May 2013


This press release has been issued by the Campaign today:



Council has Vision of a blind man whose lost his dog

Campaigners working to re-open the Beverley to York railway, have said they're devastated by a policy change at East Riding Council. News that the proposed route will no longer be protected from development may have sounded the death knell for a campaign which was set up 10 years ago to re-open the line, closed as a result of the Beeching axe.

Speaking today, George McManus, Chairman of the Minsters' Rail Campaign said, 'This is a truly devastating blow to our campaign to develop modern infrastructure which would have given East Yorkshire real economic advantage.Re-opening this line could have given Hull and Bridlington direct connectionto the East Coast mainline.   This is a serious blow to the area's future economic development.    This Council has as much vision as a blind man who has most his guide dog.
He went on, 'Securing route protection from development pressure was the reason we set up the campaign.   In achieving that, we were successful but with its withdrawal, the raison d'etre  for the campaign has disappeared'.  

'This decision illustrates a lack of vision at the heart of the East Riding Council which is stuck in the past and motivated by short term gains rather than long term benefits.    Unless this decision is reversed, this line will never re-open and East Yorkshire will slip further into congested, polluted decline.'



The Campaign is trying to arrange a meeting with EYYRC to see if we can get this decision reversed. Should we fail it is unlikely the Camapign will continue.


April 2013


Donate today in order we can fund an update of the 2005 feasibility study. Please send cheques c/o the Minsters Rail Campaign to

Minsters Rail Campaign



Yorkshire YO42 4JA




Interesting article on the A1079


An interview with Minsters Rail Campaign chairman George Mc Manus in the Hull Daily Mail dated April 2nd

 The campaign has also been interviewed on Radio York and has a short artilce in the latest edition of Rail Magazine. In Modern Railways April edition there is list of Beeching's worst closures whihc of course includes our line. Thanks doc!

March 2013

The 27th March saw the fiftieth annivesary of the Beeching Report which recommended the closure of the Minsters Line. Chairman George McManus featured on two television news items and these links should take you to them:

The BBC piece is about 7 minutes in following an item on the high cost of petrol in rural areas. Need we say more?

Members of the Campaign have commented on the East Riding Yorkshire Council's local plan and will be dpoing the same on the City of York council's plan.

We await a decision on Haxby station - see below - but the railway rumour mill seems to suggest Lea Bridge (East London), Ilkeston (Derbyshire) and a station in South Wales might be more sucessful. We remain optimistic and an action group for Haxby station held its first meeting earlier in the month. A Haxby station page has been added and more detail will be added soon.

The Minsters Rail Campaign AGM was held earlier this month as well. The membership was disappointed in the current negative attitude of East Riding of Yorkshire Council but resolved to continue campaigning.  

Here is an interesting table courtesy of the BBC 27/03/2013. Highlights the benefits of being attached to the rail network rather well.
(ONS/Census 2011)
Average house price
(Halifax price index)
£202, 784
Tourist Information Centre  visits(2012)
(Harrogate Borough Council)
(Bradford Council)
Daily weekday rail services
(West Yorkshire Metro)
Annual station footfall
Approx. 1.3 million
(Northern Rail)

February 2013

The following article appeared in the Beverley Guardian on the 8th February.

HEADLINE "THE idea of re-instating a railway link  between Beverley and York is "very clearly unaffordable", Driffield Town Council  has been told.
Campaigners believe that re-opening the long  defunct line would bring enormous medium and long term benefits to the people,  economy and environment of East Yorkshire, including Driffield and the (Driffield) town council had asked the  East Riding of Yorkshire Council to fund another study into the  reinstatement of the link.
"But East Riding of Yorkshire Councillor  Symon Fraser said: 'The idea of re-instating the railway line between Beverley  and York is very clearly unaffordable under any source of funding of which we  are aware.'
Councillor Fraser, who represents the Driffield  and Rural Ward, explained: 'There are significant and increasing challenges to  the potential success of any efforts to revisit the possibility of the  re-opening of the this long since abandoned railway route.
 A significant hurdle is perhaps encountered in  the fact that the rebuild of this rail route does not feature within the scope  of any of the National or Regional strategic railway infrastructure  plans. Furthermore, in 2005, when we last commissioned,  in partnership with neighbouring local authorities and other key stakeholders,  an independent study to assess the feasibility of reopening the railway line the  study concluded that the likely cost of such a project would be c irca £239  million. This was based on 2005 prices and would likely  to be significantly greater now.
The importance of this is that under the new  funding arrangements for major transport schemes, the Department for Transport  has stated that the allocation for the whole of the Humber area is in the region  of £20 million.
Councillor Fraser said: 'At this time, in the  knowledge of the above difficulties I do not believe it would be prudent to  spend further taxpayers' money to recommission the earlier feasibility  study.
On a more positive note, we are doing what we  can to ensure that transport links between Beverley and York are maintained and  improved whenever we are able to do so.
We are also keen to see improved bus services  and facilities along the A1079, again improving connectivity between Beverley  and York.'"


The response of Councillor Symon Fraser to Driffield Council’s request for a feasibility study (Beverley Guardian 10th Feb) into the restoration of the Beverley to York line needs challenging as it misrepresents some key facts. Firstly we should remember that the original study showed a return on investment of 2:1 which means there is a good chance that the DfT would, if the study was to be fully developed and prove viable, would find most of the cost of the line.

Since the original study was done much has changed - the economy is in a parlous state, the cost of motoring is rising and many East Yorkshire residents are finding it more difficult to justify running a car. One result of this is has been the massive rise in the number of passengers using the Wolds Coast line. We now believe that the passenger usage quoted in the original report actually significantly understated the numbers that would use the line.

The Minsters Rail Campaign also believe the business case can be further strengthened by the provision of north facing curve at Beverley to allow direct services from Driffield and Bridlington, as well as faster services from Hull and Beverley to York. We are also very conscious of the scheme’s costs and believe that a light-rail or tram train solution might be a way to reduce costs. It might even be that a guided bus way similar to that operating between Cambridge and St Ives is a possible solution.

Councillor Fraser is correct in identifying that £20m has been allocated to the Humber region for transport. Linking the cost to this project though is wrong - completely different budgets especially if the scheme becomes part of the national network. Local councils are, as far as we are aware, not funding HS2.

Let’s be clear - the Minsters Rail Campaign is asking for around £70k to update the feasibility study and take a fresh look at some of the issues. If the business case is positive then the project can, and this time must, progress.

We believe that without improved communication links, the East Yorkshire area will become an economic backwater reliant on the car. We should also remember that many rural bus services have been cut due to the removal of subsidies so we must conclude that improved bus services on the A1079 are also some years away.

Finally it is interesting to note that North Yorkshire County Council are funding a feasibility study into the re-opening the line through Ripon whilst York City council are trying to re-open Haxby station.  In reality we do not see the line opening for some 10-15 years now. How soon, is dependent on whether East Riding of York Council wants it and sadly from this response it seems that that is not really the case. We must also question the affordability of this further study - £70k against £2.7m on cobblestone replacement seems to us a reasonable use of taxpayers’ money.


Janaury 2013

The Campaign has reached a crossroads with little activity in the past year. Chairman George McManus and York area co-ordinator are looking forward to the March AGM (dates to follow) where the Campaign needs to have a discussion about next steps. The letter writing campaign in November has had limited sucess but two Conservative Councillors in Hull have suggested Hull City Council might be better suited to support the campaign. East Riding of Yorkshire Council whilst committed to the scheme feel unable to commit any money to an updated feasibility study despite other locally unpopular spending decisions. The Campaign is however very short of active volunteers and nayone who can offer practical help is urged to get in touch with George McManus or the webmaster.

Better news from the York end, where the Minsters Rail Campaign's aims have been adopted in principle by the Transport Vision for York initiative run by Julian Sturdy the local Conservative MP for York Outer. This is a group of prominent York business people, transport professionals and politicians who realise the importance of decongesting York's busy road infrastructure.

Even better news is the announcement of the £20m New Stations fund and City of York Council intend to bid for money to re-open Haxby station which under the heavy rail scenarios we support, could be served by Minsters Rail services in years to come. A public meeting is planned by RAILFUTURE for the 20th February (see events).

Back in Witerhnsea a new rail group called East Yorkshire Rail Generation met on 29th January for the first time. George McManus spoke at this meeting and   We wish them well and will let you know more infromation when we have it.










Stamford bridge meeting pic















Site last updated on Sunday 20th July 2014



YORK MEETING 28/07 - We are having an informal meet on 28th July in the upstairs room at the Yorkshire Terrier on Stonegate. Meet at 8:30pm - we will be bringing the latest copy of our re-opening document for comment and discussion. and if you are felling creative then bring your ideas for a new logo along. Dave our vice chair produced one - we know you can do better!STAMFORD BRIDGE 27th March 2014

We have had an update from Malcolm Richardson on progress to beautify the Stamford Bridge station area:

"We have now been able to agree the return of some of the original station benches from the Cricket Club.  I have also been able to locate some of the original flower border kerbs and they are now safely store in my garden awaiting relocation back at the station.

All being well York College will be starting some of the enabling works in mid May".

Malcolm has acquired some old trunks via the neighbour of a MRC member and advises they also plan to restore the original fencing. The NYMR have promised a track panel as well.


Our new chair Pete Hemmerman has been interviewed by Chris Arundel of Radio Humberside. The interview will probably be on Andy Comfort Show early tomorrow morning (Wed 26th)


Dave Merrett (Councilllor with responsibility for transport City of York council) ) has responded to David Wells with some clarity on what CYC and ERYC intened to do about future congestion at Grimston Bar (where the A1079 meets the A64). The answer is of course road improvements which wil no doubt solve congestion although Merett states they are still awaiting completion of a traffic study in the area as the full extent (or should we say horror?) of the problem is not yet understood.




January 25th

One of our chums in Stamford Bridge (Malcolm Richardson) is part of a project to return the old station there to look a bit more like it did when it was open. He is on the look out for platform furniture, photos etc. if you can help please drop the webmaster (Dave) a line and he will put you in touch.