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About the Campaign

A little bit of history

On 29th November 1965 a tragedy of epic proportions was played out in the East Riding of Yorkshire, when Dr Beeching’s programme of cuts to the national rail network hit home. The historic Beverley to York railway line was closed, using various dubious economic arguments, which have since been largely discredited.

On the line which connected our famous Minster towns for over a century, the last train steamed majestically across the snowy Wolds. Market Weighton, Pocklington and Stamford Bridge and many other small settlements suddenly found themselves marooned –their railway era had ended.

Since then the towns and villages have grown and expanded. Road traffic into York and Hull has increased exponentially, as have accidents, pollution and congestion.

The Minsters Rail Campaign was established to promote the case for re-opening the line. A group of local people has come together to make the case for a fast, efficient, affordable and safe transport alternative. A report by internationally respected consultants Carl Bro, which was commissioned by the local authorities and supported by the Countryside Commission, concluded that the scheme was feasible, and supported by sound economic argument.

The Minsters Rail Campaign has mounted a series of initiatives to publicise the scheme, such as the campaign roadshow that collected thousands of signatures of support in 2004. Our intention is to ensure that the aims of the campaign remain in the public eye, keeping up the pressure on the decision makers, who can help make it happen. A report completed by consultants Carl Bro showed that the line was feasible - If you would like to see a copy of the Carl Bro Report, please contact:

David Wells

Our plans for 2014

The key task for 2014 is trying to get the gvernemnt inspectors to reverse the local plan which sees new housing being built on the alignment idnetified in the 2005 report.

If we are sucessful then we have a difficult task ahead of us in trying to get the local council's and Local Enterprise Boards to look again at the project and finding a local politicla figure with the vision and clout to take it forward.

How you can help?

If we are to be successful, we need your support. You can make your contribution in a number of ways. We can help with information and speakers.

1) Raise the issue with your local councillor, at East Riding or parish level, and ask him/her to support us.

2) Organise a local meeting with residents and business people.

3) Speak to local teachers, and design a project for children to undertake.

4) Write to your newspaper,or ring BBC Radio Humberside or BBC Radio York.

5) Occasionally deliver leaflets and news letters in your area.

Join us

  • You can also become a member for £5 a year, or take out life membership at £50.
  • Any members with businesses will get a link on our links page.
  • Corporate Membership is £50 per year, with a link on our link page, and a section in our patrons and supporters page.
  • All money to be sent care of the Treasurer or Chairman, at the addresses below.
  • If you want to advertise on these pages, please contact the webmaster below.


Key Campaign Members


Peter Hemmerman


 David Pennie




Tony Ross


David Wells

David Wells



The original rules document has been scanned in. Our apologies for the quality of these.




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YORK MEETING 28/07 - We are having an informal meet on 28th July in the upstairs room at the Yorkshire Terrier on Stonegate. Meet at 8:30pm - we will be bringing the latest copy of our re-opening document for comment and discussion. and if you are felling creative then bring your ideas for a new logo along. Dave our vice chair produced one - we know you can do better!STAMFORD BRIDGE 27th March 2014

We have had an update from Malcolm Richardson on progress to beautify the Stamford Bridge station area:

"We have now been able to agree the return of some of the original station benches from the Cricket Club.  I have also been able to locate some of the original flower border kerbs and they are now safely store in my garden awaiting relocation back at the station.

All being well York College will be starting some of the enabling works in mid May".

Malcolm has acquired some old trunks via the neighbour of a MRC member and advises they also plan to restore the original fencing. The NYMR have promised a track panel as well.


Our new chair Pete Hemmerman has been interviewed by Chris Arundel of Radio Humberside. The interview will probably be on Andy Comfort Show early tomorrow morning (Wed 26th)


Dave Merrett (Councilllor with responsibility for transport City of York council) ) has responded to David Wells with some clarity on what CYC and ERYC intened to do about future congestion at Grimston Bar (where the A1079 meets the A64). The answer is of course road improvements which wil no doubt solve congestion although Merett states they are still awaiting completion of a traffic study in the area as the full extent (or should we say horror?) of the problem is not yet understood.




January 25th

One of our chums in Stamford Bridge (Malcolm Richardson) is part of a project to return the old station there to look a bit more like it did when it was open. He is on the look out for platform furniture, photos etc. if you can help please drop the webmaster (Dave) a line and he will put you in touch.